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Personalized Care

The role of a home care agency is to provide supportive and personal care services such as assistance with bathing, preparing meals and light housekeeping, cooking, shopping, and transportation to social events, doctor’s appointments and even hair appointments. While those may be the things your loved one currently needs help with, families want most to know their loved one is safe and as engaged in life as possible

Midwest pays particular attention to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of both your loved one and the extended family. We call this model of care

Legacy Care™

  • Providing an attentive ear and a safe and healthy environment
  • Sharing in client’s thoughts, memories, and feelings
  • Fostering a nurturing environment that focuses on the individual’s quality of life
  • Partnering with the client and family in directing care and sharing regular updates as to the client’s physical, emotional and medical status

The most important elements of Legacy Care™  are the partnership between care agency and the client family, the quality of care and, the consistency of care.

The Partnership between Midwest caregiver_walkerand Families

Together with family, Midwest Home Care’s Director of Care identifies specific needs and develops individualized care plans for the care recipient. Through regular home visits, our care team manages to the quality of care and adapts plans as needs change. On-going communications between family and the Director of Care, keep you as involved in directing the care as you desire. The Midwest Home Care team knows the value of family input in making the best care decisions.  Clients and their families have access to the Midwest team 24/7.

The Quality of Midwest Care:

No one should ever feel alone. Our goal is for each client and all family members to know they will be supported along the way. Midwest Home Care caregivers pay great attention to the humanity of every individual we serve. Every person comes with a history of life experiences, passions, fears, challenges, intellect and emotions. We take the time to understand these and create a legacy of care across generations, one family at a time.

Midwest Home Care pays particularly close attention to making the optimal match between client and caregiver taking into account their personalities and interests, and the skill set required to provide extraordinary care.

Whether its music, sports, current events, the arts or the joy of reading, we make effort to match the interests of our clients with a caregiver who shares a talent or passion for the same. Midwest care begins with a focus on connecting with the human spirit.

The Consistency of Midwest Care:

Knowing your loved one will consistently see their primary caregiver is not only important but, is critical in establishing trust and respect between caregiver and care receiver. Along with establishing the best caregiver match, Midwest Home Care assigns one primary caregiver and at least one back-up caregiver to each of our clients. The back-up is scheduled periodically such that they are well-versed with the care plan and can readily step in should the primary caregiver become ill or unavailable. All caregivers are introduced to the client home by our Director of Care and training specific to the individual client prior to starting their journey together.  The resulting relationship is one of mutual respect and trust.

Why not start your relationship with Midwest Home Care today? View our Midwest Home Care Brochure.

Our specialized personal in home care is carefully tailored to your particular needs to give you the best possible care.


  • Assist with hobbies
  • Activity outings
  • Grocery shopping
  • Errands
  • Assist with correspondence
  • Use of client personal car
  • Use of staff personal car
  • Promoting family-like relationships
  • Friendly visits to minimize isolation and depression
  • Cheerful conversation
  • Assist in socializing with others
  • Reading to client
  • Play games with client

Personal Care

  • Bathing and dressing
  • Hygiene (skin, hair, oral)
  • Incontinence care
  • Bath/Shower assist
  • Shaving-electric shaver only
  • Oral Care
  • Denture Care
  • Hearing Aid Insert/Care
  • Assist with dressing
  • Hair care
  • Nail care-filing only
  • Skin care
  • Incontinence Care
  • Peri Care
  • Eye glass care

Nutritional Assistance

  • Prepare meals for same day
  • Prepare upcoming meals
  • Prepare snacks
  • Use adaptive eating devices
  • Cut/debone foods
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Home cooked meals
  • Grocery shopping
  • Special Diet
  • Special food Consistency

Activity Assistance

  • Assist with walking schedule
  • Assist with breathing exercises
  • Assist with posture exercises
  • Range of Motion exercises


  • Cooking
  • Clean interior windows
  • Wash dishes/load dishwasher/put dishes away
  • Kitchen clean up after use
  • Dust
  • Sweep/mop floors
  • Vacuum
  • Clean bathroom(s)
  • Make bed
  • Change linens
  • Laundry-wash/dry/fold/put away
  • Iron clothing
  • Remove trash/recyclables
  • Feed pet
  • Fill outside bird feeders

Care Management

  • Updates with family or relatives
  • Ongoing examination of care
  • Coordinating 24-hour or live-in care
  • Communicating with other professionals involved with client
  • Supervision of care giving staff

Health Monitoring

  • Accompany to medical appointments
  • Record fluid intake
  • Record food intake
  • Fall prevention
  • Personal alarm
  • Wandering
  • Home safety

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